"I was in hospital a lot when I was a kid ‘cause I was born with my left eye shut, and they had to take muscle from my ass and graft it to make a muscle that would open the eyelid. So I had four or five operations, starting when I was very young. I must’ve started complaining by the time I was five. “Look, you’ve got to do it,” my parents said. “If you go, we’ll buy you whatever you want, okay? What do you want?” I said, “I want a red tracksuit.” And they got me a red tracksuit, tops and bottoms, and I was happy to go back to the hospital even knowing that I was going to go under the general anesthetic, wake up, and throw up everywhere. I loved that red tracksuit. I wore that red tracksuit until it looked so small that it was ridiculous on me."
-Thom Yorke (via msyorke)